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Bosch Appliance Repair

Bosch Vent Hood Repair

Bosch is a name that doesn’t need much introduction. They have been at the forefront of household appliance production for decades, during which time they have made a name for themselves as a manufacturer of reliable and cost-effective products. In this day and age, with all the options available to consumers when it comes to selecting the appliances they purchase for their homes and businesses, Bosch appliances have managed to distinguish themselves. For these reasons among others, are proud to be associated with them. We have served countless happy Bosch appliance customers in the Greater Houston area over the years, and we hope that you will trust us with all your Bosch appliance repair and maintenance requirements from here on out.

They are the manufacturers of a multitude of home appliances whose focus is on affordable and reliable performance including

While this company’s track record when it comes to engineering quality and durability is impeccable, we have to acknowledge the fact that they remain prone to systemic and mechanical malfunctions, the same as all other man-made appliances that work to help make our lives easier. Our responsibility to these handy helpers is to see them kept safe from avoidable trouble, and rescued from unavoidable issues when they come about. Our expert Bosch appliance repair and maintenance technicians are the guys you want in your corner to help you ensure consistent, optimal performance from all your Bosch appliances.

Don’t leave things too late. Bosch appliances are not given to breaking down out of the blue. In most cases, the trouble you’re calling us in could have been avoided entirely if we had had a chance to examine your unit earlier. This is the value of scheduling regular maintenance checks. One evaluation a year (more if the appliance is kept very busy or is of vital importance) should be enough to catch any developing issues before they put your unit out for the count. Make the smart choice. Save yourself substantial time and money by setting up regular maintenance checks. We’ll keep your appliances running at one hundred percent efficiency throughout their days.

We’ve got all the experience, tools, knowledge, and dedication required to handle even the most complicated and extensive appliance jobs out there. Fully certified and authorized to work on all major brands across the United States, you can be sure that you’re getting the best when you call on. Make the call today. You’ll be glad that you did.

Bosch Refrigerator Repair

It would be hard for most of us to imagine what our lives would be like without the refrigerator. This is one of the most important components of a modern kitchen, domestic or commercial in nature. A malfunctioning refrigerator will be a major disruption to our day-to-day lives, not to mention the potential losses we might incur due to spoilt foods. We at are always standing by to provide expert refrigerator repair technicians to handle any Bosch refrigerator repair and maintenance requirements you might have. Simply call us up and we’ll handle the rest.

Common Refrigerator Issues 

Cooling failure

Should you notice that the items in your refrigerator or freezer compartment are not being kept at the appropriate temperatures, know you have a problem with your hands. First of all, check your thermostat. If the temperature settings have not been tampered with, then you might have trouble with your unit’s condenser, evaporator fan, evaporator coils, thermostat, or another vital component to deal with. Expert attention will diagnose and appropriately correct the trouble for you.

Condensation/visible leakage

You should never see water puddles forming under your refrigerator, as this is a major indicator of significant system or mechanical malfunction in your unit. If there is nothing wrong with your power supply (fridge is securely plugged in and outlet is supplying power), then you might have trouble with your water supply lines, condenser coils, door gaskets, or any of the various components that are vital to your refrigerator’s proper operation.

Bosch Range Repair 

The range is at the heart of most kitchen operations, which is why most of us would not want to go a single day without its services. In case you encounter any trouble with your unit, call us for expert Bosch range repair and maintenance services.

Common Range Problems

Noisy burners

Too much noise being produced by your burners is an issue which can be attributed to one of two causes – either too much air is getting to the flames or, conversely, too little of it. The air shutter mechanisms will have to be repaired or adjusted to remedy the situation, which can be a complex exercise.

Burner failure  

The igniter in gas burning ranges is the most common culprit when it comes to burner failure. In cases where it’s simply dirt accumulated on the igniter that’s causing the trouble, cleaning will fix the issue. Should the igniter be broken or defective in some way, however, then a replacement will be the most likely solution to the matter. Call in a properly certified and experienced repair service for a long-lasting solution to your problem.

Bosch Cooktop Repair

There isn’t much that takes place in most kitchens without the involvement of the cooktop. Bosch Cooktop repair and maintenance is one of our core services to our Houston area clients, and we do it with ardor as we understand the vital role it plays in the lives of our clients. We will be there right on time and get the job done right. We’re simply waiting for your call.

Common Cooktop Issues

Temperature regulation troubles

Perhaps the biggest draw of the electric cooktop is the fact that it allows for extremely precise temperature regulation while cooking. This is a joy for those whose cooking relies on precise parameters for success. When the temperature regulation mechanisms are not working, sure you might continue cooking, but you will do so without a vital aspect of what made you choose an electric unit in the first place. The trouble may usually be found to lie with your unit’s infinite switch mechanism, which is the component that interfaces with the temperature regulation mechanism in your appliance. Rectifying any issues with these components will be a job for the pros.

Turning on failure

As with most appliances, this sort of trouble is first to be addressed by checking the power supply cord and outlet. Everything should be securely plugged in and functioning. If the trouble does not lie here, then you might have a disconnection or obstruction between the coils and the cooktop. As investigating the root of and applying the solution to this particular problem will involve opening up the appliance to get at its insides, you will be well advised to leave this job to the experts.

Bosch Microwave Repair

We wager that you can’t think of more than two households within your immediate vicinity that don’t house a microwave within their walls. If you can, then perhaps you should consider moving. This appliance is at the fore of machines that very directly contribute to our daily comfort and convenience. Our microwave repair and maintenance technicians are ever at the ready to ensure you always enjoy the services of your trusty Bosch microwave.

Common Microwave Issues

Turntable malfunction

Your microwave’s turntable is the circular base on which you place your food or beverages for eating. In a working unit, this is supposed to turn around so that your item is heated uniformly. Now, another component known as the carousel is what’s responsible for setting the turntable in motion. When the carousel is misaligned, the turntable will not rotate. This is the most common cause of this malfunction, but you might also have a defective tray motor mechanism on your hands. Call in the pros to definitively ascertain the problem area and provide an effective solution.

Microwave arcing

This refers to the phenomenon of spark emission in your unit’s cabinet while in operation. The most common cause of this is the placement of metallic objects into the microwave, but it might also occur as a result of spilt food, a faulty stirrer, broken fan belt, defective motor, a high-voltage diode short-circuit, electric overloading, or some other major system failure. As this is a problem involving dangerous levels of electricity, this problem is one best left to expert hands.

Bosch Oven Repair 

Bosch ovens are marvels of reliability and performance, but they are by no means immune to the occasional troubles. You will not want to do without the services of this highly useful member of your kitchen appliance family, which is why you should have oven repair and maintenance experts on speed-dial. Make the call today for a speedy resolution to whatever oven issues might be hampering your day.

Common Oven Problems

Heat-up failure

Should your oven fail to heat up as it normally does, you definitely won’t be getting anything done with it. With electric ovens, you will usually find that the trouble lies with the unit’s heating elements, which might be broken or damaged in some way. In gas ovens, the trouble most often lies with the unit’s ignition system. First try out the burners above the oven if you’re looking at a gas oven. Should these be working as they should, then you definitely have an ignition system fault on your hands. If these are not working as well, then the trouble might lie deeper, with your gas supply lines. Electric oven elements are quite simply replaced, but trouble with gas lines and systems should only be handled by the relevant professionals who have the training and equipment necessary to work on these lines safely and effectively.

Trouble with oven doors

Your oven doors should shut firmly and securely every time you close them. Doors that are not properly closed might lead to risky situations for you, especially when dealing with gas ovens. Quick action should be taken to avert any possible dangers from the situation. The trouble here might lie with faulty hinges, sensors, door springs, and related components. Call in a reputable oven repair service that will fit your unit with genuine spare parts to ensure optimum performance.

Bosch Dishwasher Repair

Few kitchens will run as smoothly as they do without the services of a reliable dishwasher. These appliances are marvelous in the way that they save us countless hours that we would have otherwise spent doing the dishes manually. It may not seem like a lot, but those hours add up over time. Dishwasher repair and maintenance technicians are just the guys you want to call should you experience any trouble with your unit. Quick and effective solutions to any and all your Bosch dishwasher problems is guaranteed.

Common Dishwasher Problems

Too much noise while operating

Bosch dishwashers are not noisy operators. Should you notice any unseemly scraping or grinding noises from your unit as it runs, the most likely cause will be a misalignment of the spray arm, which will be clanging against the dishes in the appliance. You may also be looking at a defective pump or loose, rattling seals or rings. Call us up for competent diagnostic and repair services.

Failure to fill with water

The dishwasher in your kitchen needs to take in water to do its job. When this is not happening, you might have one of two possible problems on your hands. You might have a stuck float or a faulty door switch. In both of these cases, it is best to have expert hands correct the problem to ensure that any chances of recurrence are minimized.

Bosch Washer Repair 

We rely on our washing machines to save us countless hours that we would otherwise spend cleaning our clothes by hand. This is why you shouldn’t let your washer fall out of shape or break down entirely. Schedule regular maintenance checks with washer repair and maintenance professionals. If you do have any problems with your unit, call us in for a speedy fix.

Common Washer Problems

No agitation

For a proper wash cycle, your unit needs adequate amounts of agitation. If this isn’t taking place, you might have a problem with your agitator assembly, drive belt, wigwag plunger/lifter, transmission mode lever, or drive spindle. As you can see, the possibilities are quite numerous here, which is why this is a job best left to skilled professionals.

Low or no spinning

A non-spinning washer drum will result in soaked clothes at the end of each cycle, which should not be the case. The most common causes of this defect are burned out solenoids, a worn out drive belt, shorted timer contact, or a malfunctioning lid switch. Call in the pros for expert care.

Bosch Dryer Repair

Working in tandem with your washer is the handy dryer, which will get rid of excess moisture from your washing. Bosch dryers are well-regarded for their durability, but the occasional malfunctions are not unheard of. Call in or Bosch dryer repair technicians for an effective and timely solution to all your dryer problems.

Common Dryer Problems

No spinning

The motor in your dryer and the components related to it are the most common causes of such failure. A motor that is running well might be compromised by a faulty roller, broken belt, or a defective idler pulley. Call in expert dryer repair technicians for a sure and lasting fix to the problem.


An overheating dryer can be a cause of danger in your laundry room, and so is a problem that should not be overlooked. In most cases, dryer overheating comes about as a result of a defective thermostat, heating coil defects, or vent obstruction. Call in the pros for a safe resolution to the risky situation.

Bosch Warming Drawer Repair

You never really know how much you need your warming drawer until it develops a problem. Keeping food warm in the sometimes significant time period between getting it off the flames and setting it on the table is an underappreciated convenience, one we at understand well. Our expert warming drawer repair technicians will be right over with the tools, skills, and motivation required to get your warming drawer repair and maintenance needs taken care of. All you have to do is call.

Common Warming Drawer Issues

Unexpected shutting down

A malfunctioning or broken thermostat is the most common cause of unexpected turning off in warming drawers. To inspect and rectify the problem, your unit’s drawer case and top panel will have to be removed so as to access the thermostat mechanisms within. This is a job best left to qualified professionals.

Failure to turn on

Your first course of action should your unit fail to turn on completely will be to ensure that it is securely plugged in to a working power outlet and that no breakers have been tripped in the fuse box. If all is well here, then you might have a case of faulty or incomplete wiring to deal with. This will involve delicate handling of live electric components, and so should be left expert hands.