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Thermador Appliance Repair

Thermador Appliance Repair

Technology is there to make our lives easier, and in today’s busy world we can use all the help we can get. Thermador appliances offer us the very best in home and business functionality, allowing us to carry out our daily duties with unmatched ease and efficiency. There are plenty of home appliance manufacturers out there, but they are not all created equal. When you’re in need of the best when it comes to high-end performance and durability, Thermador appliances will suit your needs. With a wide range of refrigerators, ovens, cooktops, ranges, dishwashers, ventilation modules, and more, they offer everything you might need to make your house a home indeed.

These are complex engineering specimens, and like all machines, they are susceptible to the wear and tear that naturally comes with age and continued usage. Most Thermador owners might go for years without experiencing any performance issues with their appliances, but some will definitely encounter some problems down the road. Having a vital appliance underperform or break down entirely can cause untold losses and inconvenience, which is why any problems need to be handled as soon as possible. That’s what the experts are here for. Being handy with your toolkit is a fine quality for any home or business owner to have, but there are cases where a Do-It-Yourself attitude might cause more harm than good.

Has made a name for itself as an expert Thermador refrigerator repair and maintenance service provider in Houston and Greater Houston, but our expertise runs across all appliances under the Thermador umbrella. Being able to tell when your appliance is in need of maintenance or repair is an important aspect of home and business ownership, and that’s why we’ve prepared this quick guide to common Thermador home appliance problems and what their possible solutions might be.

Thermador Refrigerator Repair

Just like a high-performance car, your Thermador refrigerator will give you years of trouble-free performance if you take good care of it. Caring for your refrigerator involves carrying out maintenance checks after certain periods so that any minor issues can be identified and rectified before they mushroom into major system failures. You don’t need to wait until your appliance packs up completely before calling in the repair guys. You will end up saving plenty of lost time and money in the long run if you nip any potential issues in the bud.

Scheduling a checkup at least once every year is ideal for high-end Thermador units in order to keep them running at optimum levels. The technicians will have the opportunity to switch out any air and water filters that need replacing, meaning your water and food’s freshness will be maintained for longer periods, as the manufacturer intended. They will have the opportunity to clean out your condenser coils as well, which many refrigerator owners don’t realize is an important maintenance activity when it comes to cooling appliances.

Consider any sudden changes in the way your appliance feels and sounds while running to be suspicious. This includes changes in the noise levels your running fridge makes, strange sounds, door opening and closing troubles, and more. Pay attention to any of the following symptoms, as they might point to larger issues with your refrigerator:

Refrigeration Compartment Danger Signs

This is the main cabinet of your unit, where you store most of your foods, beverages, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and everything else that you want cooled but not frozen completely.

  • Condensation forming on the shelves, walls, and on the products in the compartment, which might lead to puddles forming on the floor below your refrigerator.
  • What you store in the refrigerator no longer gets cooled to the temperatures you saw in the past. This can be a very gradual process, so you need to be keen to notice changes here. This is especially important because there is a potential risk of food poisoning and loss as certain foods will spoil quickly if not stored at the proper temperatures.
  • Rather than chill them to an appropriate coolness, your unit begins to freeze them completely even though you have not made any changes to the temperature settings.
  • A sudden change in the length of time you can store certain items without them going bad. Vegetables start wilting faster, dairy products spoil quicker, etc.

Freezer Compartment Danger signs

All items that we want frozen are kept in this compartment. Watch out for the following:

  • Stored items do not freeze anymore as they used to or they begin to thaw out while still in the compartment.
  • Frost or water puddles begin to form within the compartment’s inner surface or on the surfaces of items stored in the freezer.
  • You notice that heat is being radiated from the top of the freezer.

Thermador Ice Maker Repair

Many high-end Thermador models come with a built-in ice-maker unit, which makes a very convenient source of ready ice for all purposes. Has plenty of Thermador repair Houston technicians who will be able to get your ice maker up and running again, no matter how serious the problem might be. Give us a call should you notice any of these warning signs and we’ll get things sorted out before the problem develops into a major appliance failure:

  • Stopped or lowered ice production 

Once you notice that your ice maker is not producing as much ice as it used to or has stopped entirely, urgent attention will be required. The problems might lie anywhere ranging from the condenser fan and coils, water supply lines, to the shutoff arm or switch. You will need to have an expert diagnose where the problem lies and rectify it.

  • Foul tasting or dirty looking ice 

The possible causes for this are quite numerous and should be considered serious problems as they might indicate that the water quality that is going into your cubes has been compromised. Your first course of action should be to check your ice trays and ice bin for dirt or mold. Simply cleaning these parts might solve your problem.

If it doesn’t, then the next suspect will be a dirty or expired water filter that’s allowing impurities to flow through instead of catching them all. You can tell that this is the problem if you notice black specks in your ice – these are carbon particles breaking off from the filter and getting into the water supply. It will need replacing.

The problem might also lie in a more obvious place. There might be highly pungent items in your freezer or refrigerator whose odors are permeating through to the ice maker. Clearing out your freezer and refrigerator of any strong-smelling or spoilt items should clear up the problem.

Note: Thermador ice maker owners should be aware that the ice maker itself is not responsible for generating the cold temperatures with which it freezes water into ice. The responsibility for this action lies with the freezer compartment. As a result, high freezer temperatures will lead to the ice maker’s inability to produce ice as it should. Check that your freezer is functioning as it should and at the regular temperature settings before looking for ice maker malfunctions. Call us for any Thermador Ice maker repair.

Thermador Oven Repair

Thermador is one of the leading lights in the oven manufacturing industry, with a wide range of ovens under its wing. They produce wall ovens, double ovens, steam ovens, triple ovens, microwaves, speed ovens, warming ovens, and more. A faulty oven can put a stop to all kitchen activities, so we don’t want them to be out of commission for too long a time. Whatever issue you might encounter, will have technicians on hand with the tools and skills necessary to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

These are a couple of the more common complaints stranded bakers might come to have:

  • Heating up failure

Electric ovens that fail to heat up when turned on can usually have their problem traced to the heating elements while in gas ovens, the culpable counterpart will be the igniter mechanism.  In gas oven units, should the gas burners fail to light up as well, then the trouble might go deeper into the gas supply lines themselves. Igniters and heating elements might be replaced by owners with a bit of DIY knowledge and the right tools, but should the trouble extend to the gas lines, it is advisable to get the experts on the case in order to avoid interfering with complicated and potentially dangerous gas lines.

  • Self-cleaning failure

A self-cleaning oven that won’t clean itself defeats the purpose of having one in the first place. Ensure that you’re placing all the knobs and timers in their proper setting before starting the cleaning cycle. If you still don’t see any result, then you will need to have your unit checked more thoroughly to identify exactly where the trouble lies. Potential problem areas might be such important elements as the thermostat, door-lock motor, control board, or other parts that will require fixing or replacement.

  • Oven door trouble

When it comes to ovens, doors that will not close properly are a potential hazard. This is especially true when it comes to gas ovens. In these cases, the trouble will usually lie in one of the mechanical components of the oven such as the rubber door gasket, hinges, broken springs, or door sensor. These issues will likely require quite a bit of technical know-how and replacement parts to rectify, so calling in the pros would be the best course of action here. Call us for all of your Thermador oven repair needs.

Thermador Cooktop Repair

Thermador produces a variety of cooktops and range tops that are suitable for all homes and commercial environments. These are perhaps the most important component of a complete kitchen, being where most of the cooking action takes place – where the frying pan meets the fire, so to speak. Gas, induction, as well as electric cooktops, are to be found under the Thermador umbrella, and staff are fully trained, certified, and equipped to deal with any trouble you might experience with these units. Call us for all of your Thermador cooktop repair needs.

  • Cooktop fails to heat up

Electric cooktops using coils might fail to heat up even though every other relevant setting seems fine and the cooktop plugged in. The cause of trouble here might be an incomplete loose connection between the coils and the cooktop. Checking to see that this connection is properly in place might preclude the need to call in the experts, but if this doesn’t bear any fruit, then you will have to get assistance.

  • Cooktop fails to turn on

Is it plugged in? That’s the source of trouble 99 percent of the time, but for the 1 percent of times when it isn’t, it might be something serious. After confirming that the connection is made and that there are no tripped fuses (try the power outlet’s functionality with a kettle or phone charger), call in the pros as the problem will likely lie with deeper components.

  • Burner temperature regulation troubles

One of the biggest draws of electric cooktops is the precision with which we are able to control their temperatures. Having trouble here might indicate a problem with your unit’s infinite switch mechanism, which connects to the temperature regulating dial, which is why changing the settings seems not to have any effect.

  • Emission of sparks when cooktop is turned on

In gas burners, sparking is an expected part of the ignition mechanism, but this should never be the case in electric and induction units. Sparking in these will be a strong indicator of electrical fault in the system, which may pose a real danger to you should it not be properly taken care of.

Thermador Range Repair

Thermador ranges make the kitchen lives of countless owners a breeze. They come in various sizes so as to suit the needs of any home or commercial setting. You can get these ranges in 30, 36, 48, and 60-Inch models. While they are as sturdy and reliable as they come, our Thermador range repair technicians do get the occasional call when an owner experiences a spot of trouble. Here are a couple of possible instances where your unit might, quite uncharacteristically, need you to call for help:

  • Noisy burner flames

What causes noisy burner flames is quite simple. It either indicates that there is too much air getting to the burners or that there is too little of it. By adjusting the shutter mechanisms, the problem can be quickly resolved but as this procedure will require the use of specific gas-output measurement tools, it is best left to professional service technicians.

  • Noticeable gas smell

At the first moment you notice that you can smell gas and your range’s pilot flame is not burning, you need to clear the room and ventilate it immediately by opening up windows and doors. Give it at least 5 minutes before attempting to relight the pilot light. Look to see whether the burners are shut off completely, electric igniter is correctly plugged in, and the pilot light is on. In case you still smell gas, you will have a significant problem on your hands, one calling for expert attention. Gas will likely be leaking from somewhere along your gas lines or within the range itself, which poses a danger to you. Shut off the gas at the main supply as you seek further assistance.