Sub-Zero Appliance Repair

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Sub-Zero Appliance Repair

Sub-Zero Appliance Repair

Sub Zero appliances are highly complex machines, built to very high engineering standards. This is what makes them capable of such high-end performance and trouble-free longevity. This is the reason why you made the choice to own this brand – they are the top of the line when it comes to high-end home appliances. When dealing with such equipment, only the very best specialized technicians can be trusted to get the job done. Appliance repair and maintenance professionals should be your first choice every time you have household or commercial appliances that need taking care of.

Even though these luxury machines will only rarely experience technical difficulties, you need to call in the professionals whenever Sub Zero repair and maintenance work is called for. When you call us in to handle your high-end appliance repair work, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best service available. Timely, effective, long-lasting peace of mind is what we promise our clients, and there are countless Sub Zero Repair clients that will testify to our effectiveness.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair

As we mentioned earlier, these are complex machines that we’re dealing with here. Just like any other high-end machine, your Sub Zero refrigerator will perform optimally and enjoy an extended lifespan if regular maintenance is carried out at appropriate intervals. In much the same way that you change the oil in your car every so often, so should you have your refrigerator looked at after certain periods. You don’t need to wait until your refrigerator stops working completely before calling in the experts for Sub Zero refrigerator repair.

Leaving aside the normal wear and deterioration that takes place over time in such appliances, your Sub Zero unit should consistently feel and sound the same while running. Any sudden changes should be considered suspicious. The generally recommended program for Sub Zero maintenance work is once a year. Keeping to this schedule will ensure that any minor issues won’t have the opportunity to develop into larger problems and that the performance of your appliance will remain at optimum levels of efficiency, meaning that you will be saving money and time in the long run while receiving the best service from your unit.

For those whose Sub Zero units are equipped with water and air filters, a yearly checkup service would present an ideal opportunity to have these replaced so that the air and water filtration processes take place correctly, thus ensuring that your food’s freshness is maintained for longer periods. Sub Zero repair technicians are always ready with replacement filters and spare parts for just these scenarios.

Right. So here are the most significant signs indicating that you’re overdue for a maintenance checkup or repair appointment.

Common Refrigerator Warning Signs

  • Food not cooling properly

When you notice that the foods or beverages that you place in here begin to come out at consistently warmer temperatures than they used to, you definitely will have a problem with your unit.

  • Leaking refrigerator

Noticeable and excessive moisture or sweating within the refrigerator, accumulating on the shelves, walls, or even on food containers. Your condenser, condenser fan, or evaporator fan will have to be checked out properly to determine the exact cause of the problem.

  • Changes in operating behavior

Any sudden changes in your refrigerator’s normal operational conditions. This includes such indicators as louder noises, new noises, changes in how the doors open or closes, etc. Call in the experts to figure out the problem and offer you the appropriate solution.

Sub Zero Under-The-Counter Refrigerator Repair

Your under-the-counter refrigerator is a compact solution that allows you to have the performance and convenience of a Sub Zero refrigerator while saving on space. Small as it is, however, it is still prone to a number of systemic or mechanical issues. Let under-the-counter refrigerator technicians be the ones to handle any problems you might have with your unit.

Common Sub Zero Under-The-Counter Refrigerator Issues

  • Temperature regulation trouble

If your unit is not keeping stored items at the temperatures you selected, your first step should be to check whether the thermostat settings have been changed. If these are okay, then you might have a more serious situation on your hands. Expert under-the-counter refrigerator technicians will be able to determine whether your thermostat is faulty and needs replacing or if there is another underlying problem for them to deal with.

  • Failure to turn on

Should your unit go off completely and refuse to turn on, you might have an electrical fault on your hands. You can check on your own to determine that the power outlet is functional and that the unit is plugged in properly. If this isn’t the problem area, then it will be best to call in expert help to diagnose the problem area and rectify it.

Sub Zero Freezer Repair

For those who have large quantities of food, dairy, or meat products that they want entirely frozen for long-term storage and not just chilled, the Sub Zero freezer is an excellent choice. As we know that freezers are usually packed with significant volumes of perishable items, our freezer repair experts will waste no time in getting your freezer up and running again should you make the call to us.

Common Freezer Problems

  • Damaged or defective door seals

You will want to have any problems with your unit’s seals taken care of as soon as possible because they will lead to freezer overworking and the subsequent rise in power bills that comes with this. If you can pull out a dollar bill from between your freezer’s doors when they are shut, then your seals are not functioning as they should.

  • Condensation in the cabinet

Noticeable signs of water, or condensation on any surface within the compartment or on stored items and foods. This might be accompanied by a noticeable increase in heat being radiated from the top of your unit or the area around the perimeter surface that the door gasket rests against (the mullion surface). Have a professional come in to determine where the problem lies and sort it out for you.

Sub Zero Ice Maker Repair

Nowadays, an ice maker has become an essential appliance in every home and business establishment you might care to walk into. Just like any other machine, ice makers are prone to failure as well. We never really know how important clean and good-tasting ice is to us until we are in need of Ice Maker repairs.

The good news for us is that Sub Zero Repair Houston technicians are fully capable of performing any required repairs your machine might need and are only as far away as a phone call. Below is a short listing of some of the more common ice machine problems people face. Should you notice any of these in your machine, you should call in the professionals as soon as is convenient.

Common Sub Zero Ice Maker Problems

  • Ice production drop

In some cases, your ice machine might not seem able to produce as much ice as it used to or it might stop making ice entirely. Urgent technical attention will be required here.

  • Strange sounds 

Once you notice any strange, loud, or new sounds emanating from your ice maker, even if it seems to be producing ice as it normally does, you should strongly consider calling in someone to take a look at it just in case there is some internal anomaly that might result in greater damage down the road.

  • Increased energy costs 

In some cases, internal defects or malfunctions such as obstructed condensers might lead your ice maker to consume more energy in order to make ice, meaning that you will notice an increase in your normal electric bill.

  • Noticeable water leakage 

If you notice that there is water dripping from your ice machine and pooling next to it, you definitely have a problem on your hands that needs to be looked at.

  • Sticking ice drawer 

There are plenty of instances where people find their ice maker drawer stuck within the unit, resisting their attempts to pull it out. This can usually be sorted out quite simply, with the help of a blow drier or how water and a sturdy wooden spoon. It is often caused by ice melting and freezing again to stick to the sliding mechanism of the drawer. If it does not come apart with a bit of effort and hot water, do not force it too hard and quite possibly break something. Call in the pros as something else might be the matter here.

Sub Zero Wine Cooler Repair

The Sub Zero wine cooler is definitely one of the very best solutions out there when it comes to the safe storage of precious wines for various reasons. The major one, however, is the sheer amount of control it gives us over the temperature within. In some models, you can even set different temperature parameters for different zones and arrange your bottles according to which temperature zone suits them best.

Unfortunately for all the wine enthusiasts out there, wine coolers can and do break down, being vulnerable to mechanical and functional problems just like all machines. While these issues might be caused by any number of issues including lack of maintenance, general accidents, or accidental mechanical impacts, there are certain signs you can watch out for that will let you know you are in need of professional Wine Cooler repair. Hopefully, you will be able to have a technician come in and sort the problem out before your wine goes bad.

Common Sub Zero Wine Cooler Problems

  • Constant cycling

Should your wine cooler develop a tendency to keep turning on and off without your input, it might be indicative of a motor problem. With a motor in bad shape, your cooler will not be able to function with sufficient consistency to keep your wine cool. If left unsolved, the motor will eventually stop working altogether, meaning your cooler will no longer be of any use to you. To keep the situation from reaching this point, be sure to call in your trusted Sub Zero repair specialists for immediate repairs and maintenance to ensure nothing else is going wrong.

  • Inconsistent temperature levels

This is the most common wine cooler problem reported among owners. These appliance’s temperature regulation system is designed to keep wine at a certain set level, but when certain problems and malfunctions such as dirty coils and condenser malfunctions come about, the temperature regulation mechanisms will be interfered with. Immediate attention is required here in order to prevent the irregular aging and consequent unpalatability of your wine.

Making The Smart Choice: It’s Always Cheaper To Fix

High-end appliances are not cheap, as we’re sure you’re well aware. Even in homes and businesses that might be able to comfortably afford a new appliance every other year, it still doesn’t make economic sense to spend money that could easily be saved with a bit of maintenance or effective repair.

In many instances, older models of many high-end appliances are more robust and high-performing than newer models. By buying a new model every time you encounter a problem, you might actually be spending a lot of money on less effective output. When it comes to cold units such as those mentioned, you have to ask yourself – what will you do with the old unit? Disposing of a cast-off isn’t as simple as dumping it on the sidewalk for the garbage collectors to pick up. Not to mention the often astronomical costs that come with shipping and installation of new appliances.

Condenser Cleaning 

Cold units will all have a component in common – the condenser. This is a vital component of any cold generating appliance and thus needs to be taken special care of. Any maintenance session will involve condenser cleaning. This is an important element of any maintenance job as this component has to be kept clean in order for your refrigerator or cold unit to keep operating as it should. The condenser relies on a free flow of air, meaning that any accumulation or obstruction might lead to the unit’s failure or sub-optimal performance. Sub Zero refrigerators are designed to consume less energy than your standard 100-watt light bulb while running at their peak, but a faulty condenser might cause them to increase their energy consumption in order to keep cool.

A dirty or obstructed condenser is one of the most commonly encountered causes of warmer freezer and refrigerator temperatures, which leads to premature thawing, inability to freeze properly, frost buildup, condensation, and more. Our Sub Zero appliance repair technicians are well aware of a clean condenser’s importance and take special care when carrying out the delicate vacuuming and brushing procedure called for here.

Condenser Cleaning DIY?

Should you care to try your hand at cleaning out your condenser in between your scheduled maintenance dates, you can go right ahead with just a bit of know-how and care. Here’s a quick how-to.

The first thing you should do before beginning condenser cleaning operations on any cold-generating appliance is to shut off the electricity supply at the control panel. This is very important, so be sure you never overlook this step.

Now, you will need to have a soft-bristled brush on hand as well as a vacuum cleaner to do this job. Using the brush gently, simply brush off any visible dust or lint accumulation you can see in and around the condenser unit. Follow this up using the vacuum to pick up any small particles not cleared away by the brush. You will need to be careful not to bend the condenser fins as you do this, so carry out your vacuuming in an up and down pattern along the fins. Condenser fins are relatively sharp, so to avoid the risk of injury to yourself, be sure to put on gloves as you carry out the cleaning exercise.

As you can see, condenser cleaning isn’t the most complex job in the world, but quite a bit of care needs to be taken to minimize the risk of injury to yourself or damage to the machine. For most people, scheduling a maintenance session with professional Sub Zero repair technicians is a safer, faster, and more efficient solution to their needs.