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Jenn Air Appliance Repair

The luxury home appliance market has quite a number of notable players nowadays, but few can match up to JennAir when we look at innovativeness and engineering standards. Formerly Jenn-Air, the company that was founded way back in 1947 has made a respected name for itself in the industry owing to its stratospheric engineering quality and implementation of bleeding-edge technology in its appliances. Throughout the United States and beyond, you will find a wide variety of products under their name including refrigerators, built-in refrigerators, under-the-counter refrigerators, wall ovens, range tops, wine coolers, ice makers, cooktops, warming drawers, dishwashers, microwaves, and more. They truly push the boundaries of home appliance design, as their slogan ‘bound by nothing’ makes clear.

JennAir appliance repair Houston is just the partner you need in your corner if you want to enjoy the uninterrupted performance from your premium JennAir appliances. Our appliance repair experts have the tools, knowledge, and skills required to handle all your repair and maintenance requirements. Only parts sourced from or authorized by the manufacturer will be used in all repair works to ensure your receive consistent and reliable performance. We’ll have your appliance running as good as new, if not better. Call us today and schedule your JennAir repair or maintenance appointment. You won’t regret it!

JennAir Refrigerator Repair

If you’ve got a JennAir refrigerator in your home or place of business, then first of all – congratulations. You made a great choice. As good as they are, these amazing machines are not completely free of the potential troubles that face any man-made machines brought about by natural wear and tear. Malfunctions and failures do occur occasionally, but that’s what refrigerator repair experts are here for. Call us in should you notice anything unusual with your fridge’s performance and we’ll help you get things right again.

Common JennAir Refrigerator Issues

  • Inconsistent temperatures

Your refrigerator compartment should keep things at a reasonable chill, while your freezer should see them freeze entirely. If this isn’t happening and you haven’t fiddled with the temperature controls, then you likely have a problem on your hands. This might involve such components as the condenser fan and coils, the evaporator fan, the system thermostat, or any other vital part.

  • Overworking (incessant cycling)

Your refrigerator goes through alternating periods of ‘work’ and ‘rest’ to maintain its internal temperatures. This alternation is what is referred to as cycling. If you notice that your unit is cycling a lot more often than it used to, you need to have it taken a look at. Excessive cycling indicates overwork and consumes a lot more power than normal, aside from being a symptom of deeper problems.

JennAir Built In Refrigerator Repair 

The built-in refrigerator is a great choice for those who put a premium on seamless appliance integration in their kitchens. While JennAir produces excellent units in this line, they are still liable to experience performance, system, or mechanical failures. Technicians are standing by to take care of all your JennAir built-in refrigerator repair and maintenance needs.

Common JennAir Built-In Refrigerator Issues

  • Noisy operation

A major part of these appliance’s charm is their ability to blend in with its environment, a quality that will be drastically diminished if it produces excessive amounts of noise while running. The problem here might lie with a faulty compressor fan, malfunctioning evaporator, or other mechanical component trouble. Expert eyes will properly diagnose and rectify the issue.

  • Leaking Cabinets

A leaky built-in unit is not only a problem in itself, but may also lead to extensive floor damage if not identified and arrested as soon as possible. In this instance you might have a disconnection or fault in your water supply systems. It may also be that your freezer is not functioning as it should, leading to condensation and subsequent leakage. These are problems requiring urgent professional attention.

JennAir Under-The-Counter Refrigerator Repair 

These units are considerably smaller than their full-size comrades, but their compactness doesn’t by any means make them exempt from the occasional troubles. Our under-the-counter refrigerator teams are up to the task of returning your unit back to optimal performance levels. Make the call with confidence.

Common JennAir Under-The-Counter Refrigerator Issues

  • Internal light failure

The light in your unit should automatically turn on when you open the fridge door, but a number of issues may prevent their doing so. If the bulbs are not burnt out and the power supply is fine, then you probably have a problem with the door switch (aka light switch). This mechanism does more than regulate the internal lights, it also tells the refrigerator when the door is open or closed. This is something you will want taken care of by a professional.

  • Compressor malfunction

When your unit’s compressor is compromised, it will cause stress to the refrigerator, making it work too hard to keep your food cooled. This will result in higher power bills, noisy fridge operation, and might lead to further complications. Urgent care will be called for.

JennAir Wall Oven Repair 

When your oven is out of commission, many kitchen activities will be interrupted. This is why you need to have any trouble that pops up taken care of as soon as possible. Wall oven repair experts are a quick call away, ready to help you resolve the issue speedily and effectively.

Common JennAir Wall Oven Issues
  • Oven won’t heat up

No heat in your oven means nothing gets done. The first suspect here is the ignition system. Check to see whether the burners up top are working okay. If they are, then you need to have your igniter either cleaned or replaced. If the burners are not functioning as well, then the problem is a deeper one, possibly to do with the gas supply lines. Fixing these is a job for specialists, owing to the possible dangers that interfering with gas systems entails.

  • Door malfunction

You can’t work an oven whose door has trouble opening or closing. You run the risk of allowing gas leakage into your kitchen, which is a big danger in any kitchen. Expert hands will be able to rectify the offending components, which are usually the springs, rubber door gaskets, hinges, or sensors.

JennAir Range Top Repair 

JennAir premium range tops are extremely reliable appliances, but we do get the occasional call from one of our Houston area clients regarding their unit. Range top repair pros are always on standby, ready to respond promptly to any issues that may crop up.

Common JennAir Range Top Issues
  • Burner failure

The accumulation of dirt, grease, and grime in and around the burner openings and inside the range top itself. With a little warm, soapy water and a brush, you can clear the surface of this obstruction. If you are comfortable with opening up the appliance on your own, you can also get at the internal components and clean them out as well. Be careful there, however, as you don’t want water getting into places it shouldn’t.

  • Faulty controls

When your range top controls are broken or worn out, controlling the flame temperatures can be frustrating. It will diminish the performance of your unit and the enjoyment you have cooking on it. Call us in and we’ll refit your appliance with genuine JennAir replacements so that you can enjoy your range top as intended once more.

JennAir Wine Cooler Repair 

A JennAir wine cooler is a beauty to behold, both aesthetically and performance-wise. This is why you really shouldn’t allow any issues you have with it to persist for too long. You run the risk of rendering your stored vintages sour and unpalatable. Our wine cooler repair experts will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and put things right.

Common JennAir Wine Cooler Issues

  • Condenser fan malfunction

The condenser coils in your wine cooler are responsible for generating the cold that keeps your wine bottles cool, and the condenser fan, in turn, is what keeps the condenser coils from overheating. When the fan is not operating as it should, your coils will heat up and transfer their heat to the inside of your wine cooler, potentially damaging your valued wine stores.

  • Thermostat failure

This is a vital component of your appliance as it is responsible for the regulation of the temperatures in your wine cooler. When it malfunctions, the wines in storage are placed at risk of damage, which means that any trouble here should be remedied as soon as possible.

JennAir Ice Maker Repair 

The ice maker is a very convenient appliance to have around, especially if you enjoy a few cubes of the cold stuff in your drink of choice. A failing ice maker is a problem that should be addressed with alacrity, not least because it might be indicative of deeper problems with your refrigerator. Give our JennAir ice maker repair pros a call if you encounter any trouble with your unit for a speedy resolution.

Common JennAir Ice Maker Issues

  • Dirty-looking or strange-tasting ice

Don’t ignore specks in your ice or a noticeably strange taste to them. While in some cases a simple cleaning of the ice bin and ice molds might be enough to sort out the problem, deeper trouble might be at the root of your problem. A compromised water supply might mean that the water that’s going to make your ice is not as pure as it should be, which poses a clear health risk to you. If cleaning doesn’t solve the problem, have expert assessment carried out to pinpoint and remedy the matter.

  • Decrease in ice production

Failure by your ice maker to produce ice will be indicative of deeper problems in your system. Vital components such as the condenser fan, evaporator, water supply line, shutoff switch, and the condenser coils will have to be inspected to identify and fix the underlying problem.

JennAir Cooktop Repair 

These are vital appliances in any busy kitchen, handling the heavy work of most cooking operations. No matter what size or model of cooktop you use in your home or place of business, cooktop repair technicians will be able to quickly get your unit back in perfect working order so that you can go on making your magic.

Common JennAir Cooktop Issues
  • Emission of sparks on startup

You shouldn’t see any sparks when working with your cooktop, specifically if it’s an electric or induction model. If you happen to notice this, immediately disconnect your cooktop from its power supply and call in expert attention. Safety is the priority here, so be especially careful in this scenario.

  • Temperature regulation trouble

Electric cooktops are a joy for any cook to use due to the precise temperature regulation they allow us to achieve. Trouble with this function will most often be found to lie with the infinite switch mechanism, which is the component responsible for temperature regulation in conjunction with the regulation dial. Expert care will quickly resolve this issue for you.

JennAir Warming Drawer Repair

As the saying goes, you’ll never know how much you missed having a warming drawer until the day you get one. These are highly convenient appliances to have in a home or commercial establishment, able to keep food ideally warm in the duration between cooking and serving. Our warming drawer repair and maintenance technicians are only waiting for your call to help sort out any warming drawer problems you might be faced with.

Common JennAir Warming Drawer Issues
  • Turning on malfunction

If your JennAir warming drawer will not turn on when you press the power button, your first reaction should be to check that it is securely plugged in to a working power outlet. If this doesn’t rectify the situation, then you might be looking at a case of incomplete or faulty internal wiring, which is a job for expert hands.

  • Unexpected shutdown

A malfunctioning thermostat might result in a warming drawer cutting itself off while it should be steadily working away. The thermostat control mechanisms are located within the warming drawer cabinet, and accessing this area to remedy the cause of the disruption is a task better left to trained professionals.

JennAir Dishwasher Repair

Few appliances do save us as much time and energy as dishwashers. Whether we’re considering a small domestic abode or a professional catering establishment, there will always be dishes to be done because people have to eat. Dishwasher repair experts are the guys you want to call in whenever you’re having trouble with your unit.

Common JennAir Dishwasher Issues
  • Water leakage

If you’re using the proper type of dishwasher soap and in appropriate quantities, this should not be an issue for you. If you’re confident that you’re doing everything right but still experience water leakage, then you might have failing door gaskets, worn out tub-to-motor gaskets, or a leaking pump/motor assembly to deal with. We have the skills and the tools to deal with any possible cause of your unit’s distress.

  • Imperfect cleaning

Your dishes and cutlery should come out of the dishwasher sparkling clean, especially if it’s a JennAir we’re talking about. If this isn’t what’s happening, then you have a problem. Poor cleaning results may be the result of a number of problems including spray-hole obstruction, heating element burnout, faulty pump assemblies, and more. Our experts will properly diagnose and correct the error for you promptly.

JennAir Microwave Repair 

In today’s world, you will have trouble finding a modern home that doesn’t have a microwave oven somewhere within its walls. The usefulness of these compact appliances cannot be gainsaid. This is why we have specialists in built-in, drawer style, over-the-range, and counter top microwave repair and maintenance. Call us in should you experience any trouble.

Common JennAir Microwave Issues
  • Turntable malfunction

The turntable (where you place your food) in your microwave is typically set in motion by an internal component known as a carousel. When this is not working as it should, you might either have a misalignment with the turning mechanisms or a tray motor defect to contend with. Our guys are ever ready to come in and right the matter for you.

  • Failure to heat

If your unit turns on as it usually does but fails to heat food up when you instruct it to, then you might be looking at a problem involving your appliance’s magnetron, internal capacitors, or diodes. Replacing these components is skilled work and will require specialized tools. Call in the experts.